In which I confirm I don’t like whisky.

We are in Norfolk for a few days staying with Mum.
When we were visiting last time we came across the St George’s Distilleryin Roudham so this morning we popped over there with a view to buying some Christmas presents.
We found a beautiful building with a very interesting shop, and were just in
time for a tour.

It was very interesting to learn about the processes and the history of this very new distillery. It only started in 2006 and began to sell whisky in 2009.
We were shown the stills

And the various processes the ‘wash’ goes through.


The effect of different barrels was demonstrated, and the bottling procedure.
Then we had a tasting of various whiskies, with and without water.
Alan enjoyed them all but it wasn’t till we tasted blackberry liqueur and cream liqueur that I began to appreciate them.
My favourite was the sherry and whisky mix, made with the sherry within the barrels that they import to use for the whisky.
Several Christmas presents have been sorted plus a tipple for the cook!

5 thoughts on “In which I confirm I don’t like whisky.

  1. You wouldn’t like them, and I’m not sure I would either, and I’m a whisky drinker. To be called whisky it must be 5 years old, but a five year old is a rough thing, what you were drinking can’t have been more than 6.

    To be dunk alone or with water 10 to 12 years in the barrel, longer is better, but these get expensive.

    Go back in another 5 years, it will have improved no end.

  2. English whisky can be 3 years old apparently. They did offer tastes of older ones but I just sniffed them. Not to my taste I’m afraid! I’ve posted a link to the distillery’s site on the blog now.

  3. I ended up spending my 40th birthday on a whisky tour and doing all the driving so my dear husband could do the tasting! I still can’t quite believe I fell for it! (although I must admit the meal in the distiller restaurant afterwards *was* amazing so it’s not like there was nothing for me!).

  4. I love whisky – but I do go for the older ones. I recently bought a 10 year old one (on Mr D’s prompting) which is nice. But I need to be circumspect about how often I drink it!
    I’ve never liked the creamy liquer type whisky drinks though.

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